AlohaSafe Workplace is a simple yet powerful digital COVID-19 screening solution that local businesses can leverage to safely reopen and protect the health and safety of employees, clients, customers, and the wider community. 

In conjunction with the new contact tracing app and alert system, the workplace health screening tool is a simple and secure solution that will help to mitigate the spread of COVID-19, creating safe environments for employees that businesses and companies can have confidence in.

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How it works

1. Before the start of each day or shift, employees will receive an automated email with a link to a short five-question survey about COVID-19 symptoms, potential exposure, and recent travel to assess their risk levels based on defined CDC standards.

The survey, which takes only a minute or two to complete will generate one of three possible 24-hour access badges based on the responses provided.

2. After completing the survey and certifying that the answers submitted are true to the best of your knowledge, you will be granted a color-coded employee access badge, which is time stamped and dated. If the AlohaSafe Workplace app is integrated with your HR system, the employee’s direct supervisor will receive an automated notification upon survey completion.
3. If you have received an “access granted” badge within the past 24 hours and you have experienced no changes to your health status since then, you may simply select the “No Change” option and a new 24-hour badge will be generated without needing to fill out the full survey.

If you have not completed a survey within the past day you will be required to submit a new survey prior to coming into the office.


Green - Access Granted:

Provided that your responses indicate that you are in good health, the application generates a unique “access granted” badge that you will use to enter the workplace. The badge will be valid for 24 hours.

Orange - Needs Review:

Employees will receive an orange “needs review” badge if the results indicate that the employee has identified experiencing some symptoms or may have had recent exposure. Employees who receive a “needs review” badge will be prompted to follow up with their employer to receive guidance on next steps.

Red - Access Denied:

If an employee presents symptoms consistent with COVID-19 they will automatically receive a red “access denied” badge and are prohibited from entering the workplace. Employees will be advised to monitor their symptoms, and contact a healthcare provider if they worsen.

Admin Portal

Managing the process of daily symptoms tracking and in-office/remote working is simple with Aloha Safe’s administrative portal.

Real-time symptom monitoring and reporting:

The customizable AlohaSafe Workplace dashboard provides real-time symptom monitoring for your business, allowing employers to see the status of individual employees, as well as reporting and analytics that provide real-time insights. 

Drill-down by  department/location:

Employers are able to see how the company is doing as a whole, or tailor the view to see subsets of your population by location, department, date, or any other grouping you choose.

Integrate HR/employee systems:

The AlohaSafe Workplace tool can integrate with HR and employee systems such as ADP, Office365, and Active Directory all while maintaining complete privacy and security. The AlohaSafe Workplace App can significantly reduce the risk of outbreaks within companies by identifying risks before employees even leave their homes.

Comprehensive AlohaSafe strategy:

AlohaSafe Workplace is available as a standalone service or can be promoted with the other AlohaSafe tools and applications for a comprehensive COVID-19 prevention strategy.

AlohaSafe Workplace Key Features


Easy to Use.

The tool is easy to use and integrate into your daily workflow.

Simple Set-up.

AlohaSafe Workplace does not require an employee to install software or download anything.

Drill-down Reports.

Set-up a variety of sub-groups to manage reporting by segments. Filter data and reports by location, department, staff type, date, and more.

System Integration.

We can work with you to integrate the AlohaSystem Workplace tool with various HR and employee systems.

Real-time Reporting and Notifications.

Get real-time notifications when an employee is flagged as symptomatic, reducing the administrative burden of reporting and follow-up. The dashboard continuously updates to keep admins on top of employee COVID-19 screening results.

Customizable for your Business.

Tailor alerts, screening criteria, employee instructions and other features to meet your specific needs. Employers can customize survey questions and symptom badge results to fit your workplace procedures and any state and local requirements.

Automated Daily Reminders.

Individuals receive a daily text or email reminder with a link to complete the brief survey.

CDC-aligned COVID-19 Symptoms Questionnaire.

Employees will be asked a series of questions about:

  • New or worsening symptoms
  • Recent or potential exposure and test results
  • Temperature logging from an at-home device
  • Travel outside of the State of Hawaii

Monitoring of CDC Guidance.

AlohaSafe Workplace has developed an online screening questionnaire that aligns with current CDC/City and County Health Department recommendations. Our team will automatically update the tool to conform with current CDC guidance.

Easy Accessibility.

AlohaSafe Workplace is accessible and optimized for mobile devices, allowing employees to complete the questionnaire before entering the workplace with ease.


“AlohaSafe Workplace is an automated, scalable solution to track workplace health and employee screening responses. Our teams worked quickly to implement this technology so we could provide another layer of safety for our employees and customers, and importantly, so others in the community could also benefit from our experience with the platform.”

Catherine Ngo,
President of Central Pacific Bank

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Hawaii's official exposure notification application

Created in partnership with the Hawaii State Department of Health, AlohaSafe Alert is an official exposure notification application based on Google/Apple’s Exposure Network (GAEN). Downloading the app is one of many ways Hawaii residents and visitors can keep Hawaii safe and healthy.